Total Hip ReplacementAnterior Approach


When it comes to minimally invasive total hip replacement, we at Optimotion Orthopaedics are joint replacement specialists and pioneers in ground-breaking joint replacement techniques. Offering the most advanced and innovative procedure available today.

Now you can have freedom from pain and the freedom to do the things you want to do. The procedure involves the use of proprietary techniques to place the same clinically proven implants used in standard surgery, but through a much anterior incision that causes minimal trauma to the hip musculature avoiding any need for range of motion restrictions or the need to wear an abduction pillow. This leads to a much faster recovery.

Developed for people who are on the go and with busy schedules, the process involves one simple incision through the front of the hip near the groin area. It gets you up and walking within a day and discharged from the hospital earlier. Because there is less damage to the tissue around the hip, patients who undergo this procedure can expect a shorter hospital stay, a shorter recovery, and years of pain-free living.

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